WiredSafety's Youth Page


Teenangels Young people have different digital technology issues, concerns and risks than adults. They often use digital technology more often and in different ways than their older counterparts. They tend to be more mobile, more creative and less restricted by new technologies and communication methods. While WiredSafety operates several websites and programs for young people - Tweenangels.org, WiredTeens.org, Teenangels.org and StopCyberbullying.org, these pages are designed for an audience of adults who care about and for young people. There are many resources, guides and tips for young people are staying safer and more secure online and how to use digital technologies more responsibly, most are created for adults to deliver to young people. Refer your children, tweens and younger teens to our other websites built just for them when they want to explore cybersafety on their own and have some fun.

For pointers on your teen, preteen and Facebook, visit our Facebook and Social Networking Page in Technology and Devices. Check out this year's WiredSafety Director's Award recipient, kid-friendly browser KidZui.com. Its what Parry recommends to parents of children ten and under. And it's free!